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Reward products

second prize

Comfortable Dog Front Backpack: The mouth of the front dog carrier pack with a drawstring design, easy to open.                               

First prize

The pet wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind legs so that they can walk and run even as normal young fellows do. 

Third prize

Made of cotton rope, healthy and non-toxic. they can be used as a daily aid for training pets. Unique ball shape adds fun to pets.    

activity theme

Do you have a story that you people will not believe?

Then we are looking for you, here at Homnilife we are looking for articles of you and your pets for our next event. Now, not just any article, have you ever experienced something that you just don’t think people are going to believe that happened between you and your precious pet.

A funny feeding situation, did your pet dress up as Santa and then go run in the local 10k fun run? (not by your choice) any unforgettable story that you think the world just needs to know about. We’d love to see pictures of your beloved pets.

So, do you have a hamster that is a well-known ninja whenever you open the cage? Or a cat that like to sing along to the latest hits? We are open for any sort of story that you think is going to make us curl over in laughter or think ‘how did that happen?’ We are sure that there must be something that has happened in your life to this date that you could talk about, and we cannot wait to read all of them!

There are a variety of prizes that are up for grabs.Now, if you are interested in getting involved then there are just a few simple steps that we need from you so that we can see your article! So please take a look below and see if this is something that you want to be involved in.

3 first prizes, 5-second prize choices, 10 third priz

how to join in

  • Share social media

    Post your article via Facebook, fill in "call for essay + subject of the article" and @Homnilife.We look forward to your participation and share your story with your pet

  • Mail submission method

    Please send the article to for submission. The subject of the email should be marked as "call for essay + subject of the article", and the manuscript will be sent as an attachment.

  • Shoot and share after getting rewards

    After the winners are rewarded, they can take photos and share the usage process/experience and post them on social media and @Homnilife.(After sharing, you can receive coupons and get exquisite small gifts when you next purchase).

Me and my pet

Participation reward

Participation reward

Share your article on Facebook and tag us(@Homnilife). If you get more than a certain 88 shared likes, you can send an email with a screenshot one week before the end of the event and contact us to get a Portable drinking bottle for pets(limited quota).

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