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Orange cat lost both legs in a car accident, put it on a prosthetic leg, can run and jump

Orange cat lost both legs in a car accident, put it on a prosthetic leg, can run and jump

Some pets are known for their owners are celebrities, but the cat of Italian basketball player Silvia Gottardi is obviously not on the list, not a famous variety, has no high level of appearance, and is not pulled for advertising by their owners.

The reason for being famous is that he has unfortunately lost his two hind legs, but he can live in the world strong and happily by relying on the love of his master and his own courage.

Free-range range encountered a car accident, unfortunately, lost his legs.

Vito (6) -year-old used to be a normal and healthy cat.

The cat was entrusted to Sylvia’s friends last year after she married his lover (Linda Ronzoni) on a honeymoon trip.


Owners Silvia Gottardi (left) and Linda Ronzoni(right)

The orange cat is usually free-range and is used to walking down the street. The result was unfortunate that it encountered a car and had a car accident.

The owner came back from his honeymoon, but she was greeted by the painful news that the cat was badly injured.


The serious injury was one of the cat’s hind paws, but with an uncontrollable infection, the vet had to have both hind leg amputated.

But the vet didn’t just remove the cat’s legs. They offered advice on installing a prosthetic leg, and they soon got a pair with springs at the joints.


Although a little uncomfortable at first, the cat quickly got used to the prosthetic limbs and was able to run at home again.

I don’t know whether, after the accident, the owner will let the cat run outside. Although it can not be said that the cat was injured in all the owner’s pot, free-range, there are too many safety risks for pets.


Scientific and technological development has helped humans and small animals

The orange cat’s ability to stand up again and jump freely is also a big contribution to the development of human technology.

Before the invention of these animal prosthetics, animals amputated due to injuries could only drag the disabled bodies all their lives and live in small areas for a lifetime. It was not easy for some animals to stand up.


This prosthetic limb like the orange cat Victor is relatively advanced, which not only makes the cat stand up but also supports its daily activities.

For cats who like to jump up and down, they can’t run and jump, and they lose at least 80% of the fun in their life.


There are also many prostheses of animals, the lowest one only provides them to stand unimpeded, but may not be good enough in flexible movement.

But to support disabled animals is also a means to help them so that they can at least maintain the right standing and walking posture as normal animals.

We often see three legs of cats and dogs, sometimes even two legs of cats and dogs, still manage to jump, but they use posture, will let their other legs and spine are very hurt, because this is not their bone structure can adapt to posture, feel nothing in a short time, they are prone to spinal disease, healthy legs because of excessive use and wear more serious.


Later, animal wheelchairs were invented, Low cost and have simple technology to make animals stand up again and make them run briskly.

This wheelchair is more suitable for disabled dogs, because dogs have a little lower jump needs than cats, and they are already satisfied as long as they are able to run fast.

Because of the cheap, many stray animal shelters will be willing to adopt this design to help some disabled stray cats and dogs.


There is a web celebrity Pomeranian dog, also famous for its special prosthetic leg, its prosthetic leg is now a very powerful product, made of lightweight carbon fiber material, not only very lightweight, but also very elastic, can perfectly support the dog’s movement, and even make it run faster, jump higher than before.


They are also used in humans, and people with disabilities who lose their legs can even run faster than healthy people.

But the problem with such prosthetic limbs is that they are more expensive.


In addition to prosthetics, some disabled cats and dogs also have correction equipment. The cat above, born with deformed legs, allows him to slowly stand up and exercise his weak front legs.

After reading these all kinds of prosthetics and auxiliary equipment, when lamenting the progress of modern science and technology, claws also want to remind you again: it is best not to free-range pets, safety risks are really many ah!


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