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Pet Clothes & Accessories

  • All-Inclusive Winter Warm Clothes Dog Clothes

    • The clothes are made of polar fleece fabric, which is skin-friendly and warm. Even in the cold winter, it can bring very warm care to the pet.
    • Resist cold air currents and prevent cold air from penetrating into the clothes.
    • Wrap the dog’s limbs to prevent it from getting cold and frostbite outside.
    • The high collar waist is equipped with an adjustment buckle, which can be adjusted according to the dog’s body shape.
    • It is convenient for the dog to wear, stabilize the dog’s body and prevent it from falling off.
    • The open-gate excretion design allows the dog to wear and excrete without any influence.
  • Dog Life Jacket, Reflective Airbag Life Jacket

    • Adjustable range: S(48~54cm) / M(58-68cm) / L(62-92cm)
    • This dog life jacket adopted an inflatable insert design. It not only keeps your dog safe but is also ideal for all your boating, water training, and other water sports activities with your dog.
    • Quadruple Safety assurance: emergency pull ring, safety reflective strip, strong Velcro, and safety lock.
    • The vest is designed with high visibility yellow fabric and reflective strips to keep your dog within sight.
    • Adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners on the neck and belly, to ensure a more comfortable size for your pets when wearing this dog life jacket and let your dog swim on the water freely and comfortably enough.
  • Lucky Dog Mrdal

    【Buy One Get One Free】

    • Give your fur friend a customized lucky badge
    • The vivid embossed 3D breed motifs and the distinctive workmanship with the dog sculpture make the brass tag an exquisite badge.
    • 15 models, there must be a dog badge suitable for you
  • Recovery Suit for Dogs Cats After Surgery


    Why choose the Recovery Suit?

    • The Surgi Snuggly for Cats is a recovery suit and it is designed to protect Pet’s Wounds/ spots/incisions, Bandages, hotspots, Skin herpes when he/she is spayed/ neutered or has an allergy flare-up, and to keep the pet calm & basically stress-free. This is going to make the recovery process more pleasant for everyone.
    • Size XS/S/M/L/XL/2XL are available for small, medium, and large dogs/cats. Please do measure your furry friends’ sizes before your purchase.
    • Wearing this Recovery Shirt on, more COMFORTABLE than he/she is in a cone while eating, sleeping, and walking around.
    • Full cover Surgical Snuggly for unisex dogs/cats. Unfasten the rear part and roll it up with the magic touch closure band with is attached to the chest part, then dogs can pee freely
  • Waterproof Winter Jacket with Built-in Harness



    • Your Dog Also Deserves To Feel Warm And Cozy
    • This Jacket is a suitable gift for your adorable puppy this winter, blending insulated warmth, durability, and style.
    • We are running a special promotion, and YES we give them a special offer!

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