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  • Adjustable Lifting Aid Support Harness

    • The paddled handle could prevent hands strain. Comfortable leg holes could raise a dog’s comfort level.
    • Just lay the dog sling lift harness on the floor and place each hind leg into the holes one at a time.
    • The lift harness provides convenience for urinating fit for both male dog and female dogs
    • The lift support harness is designed for senior or disabled dogs or ones with joint injuries, arthritis, rheumatism, or recovering after surgery. It greatly helps them stand up and walk, go up and downstairs, get on and off cars. Our dog harness offers support for the dog’s hind legs helping them rise from a prone position to get up and walk.
  • Pet Dog Support Harness Rear Lifting Harness

    • Our dog support harness help your pet walk, climb, and live a normal life again after suffering from degenerative myelopathy , hip dysplasia , ACL tears or other debilitating ailments. To assist your canine companions by preventing hip pain and injury caused by aging.
    • Provide the strength and durability to handle your dog. Equipped with comfortable padding, perfect for protecting your hand for easy comfortable use. The soft fleece lining is easy on your dog’s midsection.
    • A great replacement to your traditional dog sling carrier when supporting your dog’s back legs. Stop bending over to lift your dog off of the ground. Our sling allows you to give your dog a lift without bending over.
    • Just take a few seconds to put the harness in your dog’s rear legs after releasing the buckle, then buckle up and adjust the size. It’s easy and comfortable to carry with the padded handle.
  • Walking Assist Mobility Recovery Dog Sling

    • It provides older, injured, or recovers dogs with comfortable access.
    • Assists pets with climbing stairs, walking outside, or room breaks.
    • Velcro and durable stitched handle for a broad lift ability and grip.
    • The belt length can be adjusted to suit people of different heights.
    • A perfect tool for you to give your dog ascent/descent assistance for cars, stairs, entrance, walking assistance harness.
    • It is easy to clean and washable. Simple design, easy and comfortable for the pet to wear.

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