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  • Drag Bag for Paralyzed Pets

    • 7 specifications can be selected, carefully select the appropriate dog drag bag for your pet before buying
    • The length of the product is the length from the center of the pet’s abdomen to the end of the foot.
    • Made of 168D oxford cloth, breathable comfort, protects pets’ sensitive skin from scratches and abrasions on carpets, floors, and rough surfaces.
    • The side zips make the carrier bag very easy to put on and take off, and the elastic cuff will fit your dog’s body with a safety lock.
    • Breathable mesh design, breathable and ventilated, available in all seasons; if incontinent, can be worn with diapers to keep bedding and blankets dry.
    • Suitable for hind leg injuries, disabled or paralyzed pets, protecting the chest and limbs from resistance/friction.
  • Pet Anti-Collision Ring for Dogs Cats

    • Protect Your Pet: Pet anti-collision ring is designed especially for blind sick eyes pets, helps pets with poor vision due to SARDS, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, trauma, and diabetes. prevent them from colliding walls or other accidents and protect them. does not affect daily activities, such as sleep, eating, and so on.
    • The size of the collar can be adjusted. after adjusting, if it still is larger, you can use the scissors to cut off the blue foam tube and adjust it to the right position.
    • The way of wearing the vest is the same as the usual dog vest harness. The ring is fixed on the vest strap. The diameter and angle of the halo can be adjusted. The hollow design is breathable and comfortable. The double buckle design and double protection are more suitable for your pet. It can still be adjusted after wearing it. ; With a hanging loop, it can be used with a sling when going out.
    • When your pets start to adapt to this anti-collision device, they will learn to trust this device, and our equipment will help your pets rebuild confidence in life. Because this device will guide them to avoid hitting hard objects and protect themselves.
    • S=circle diameter 22 (applicable for 4-10KG pets) /M=circle diameter 33 (suitable for 11-18KG pets)

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