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Pet supplies

  • Adjustable Transparent Pet Umbrella for Rain Snow Protection

    • Size : Adjustable dog umbrella handle length 20.9-23.8”(52-60.4cm) ; opening dog umbrella diameter 28.3”(71.8cm) ; Built-in pet umbrella leash 12.2”(31cm).
    • Adjustable length pet umbrella handle, flexible angle handle.
    • Upgrade C-shape handle and overturn-180° shaft. C-shape can improve comfort when gripping the umbrella handle.
    • When walking the puppy dog outdoors, you can protect your pets from wind, rain, snow, and storm with the uniquely designed umbrella specially made for your pets.
  • Dog Life Jacket, Reflective Airbag Life Jacket

    • Adjustable range: S(48~54cm) / M(58-68cm) / L(62-92cm)
    • This dog life jacket adopted an inflatable insert design. It not only keeps your dog safe but is also ideal for all your boating, water training, and other water sports activities with your dog.
    • Quadruple Safety assurance: emergency pull ring, safety reflective strip, strong Velcro, and safety lock.
    • The vest is designed with high visibility yellow fabric and reflective strips to keep your dog within sight.
    • Adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners on the neck and belly, to ensure a more comfortable size for your pets when wearing this dog life jacket and let your dog swim on the water freely and comfortably enough.
  • Dog luminous collar for night safety and anti-lost

    1 Piece LED Dog Collar
    Light up glow in the dark adjustable collar
    Safety Light Collar Dog Training Supplies
    pet waterproof collar

  • Dog Poop Picker with Long Handle Litter Bag

    • Keep hands clean: Poop Picker for Dogs can easily pick up pet faces without touching the owner’s hands.
    • Durable material: Material thickening upgrade, durable, not easy to damage.
    • Portable: When going out for walking the dog, it is very convenient to carry, equipped with a carabiner, you can carry it with you.
    • Convenience: The toilet picker garbage bag storage is combined into one, which is more convenient and maintains environmental hygiene.
    • After-sales guarantee: Our products are 100% quality guaranteed and absolutely authentic. If you encounter any problems during use, you can consult us at any time and we will help you solve them in time.
  • Dog Rocking Chair: Great Gift for Every Pet

    • Is a rocking chair for relaxation designed for dogs to use!
    • Four different height positions for various needs include sleep, feed, play, and storage, providing your pet with maximum comfort just like resting in your arms.
    • Can be folded down and taken on a trip when hiking & camping – for the pet to enjoy when on a holiday!
    • Giving them a comfy place to relax, sleep or sit in for hours at a time – both at home and outside!
    • This dog rocking chair is suitable for small pets, and the recommended weight is under 32lb for the long term and the length is less than 25 inches use of this pet folding shaker chair.
    • Makes you and your fur friend happy and satisfied.
  • Easy Pet Hair Remover Roller



    Our pet hair roller is reusable with a self-cleaning design. You just need to roll back and forth on the furniture surface to pick up pet hair then open the lid and remove pet fur. The product is ready for use again without replacing it with a new one. It helps you save your money and your time.

  • Elastic Cords Dog Toy Elastic Cords Dog Toy Elastic Cords Dog Toy

    Elastic Cords Dog Toy

  • Homnilife™ Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

    Get the #1 recommended feeder for your cat’s health! A “must-have” for senior cats and cats with sensitive stomachs!

    • Reduce vomiting and acid reflux.

    • Reduce neck strain and arthritis.

    • Better portion control (no more “shovel-eating”).

    • More comfort during feeding.

    • Veterinarian-recommended.

  • Pet Child Safety Gate Stairs

    • Pet Child Safety Gate Stairs is perfect for doorways, hallway, kitchen & baby room etc.
    • Press the two buttons at the top and bottom of handle with one hand to open the gate easily. Difficult for toddlers to open the one-hand operation safety gate
    • Pressure mounting designed baby gate requires no tools, no drilling, leaves a intact wall or stair to you.
    • The dog gate can be tightly locked to wall, you do not need to worry about the baby gate being pushed down and hurting your children.
    • The gate is fully compliant with all USA Safety standards
    Pet Child Safety Gate Stairs Pet Child Safety Gate Stairs

    Pet Child Safety Gate Stairs


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