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Rear Wheelchair for Dogs

  • Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

    • Pets are our families, when they are handicapped don not give them up, one wheelchair for dog rear legs will give them a second life.
    • The Pet wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind legs so that they can walk and run even as normal young fellows do.
    • The use of dog cart for back legs is a user-friendly design, as far as possible in detail to avoid friction with pets, causing two injuries.
    • Our dog wheelchair for back legs is so light that your pet will walk easily with it.
    • The height\width and length of the pet wheelchair all can be adjustable, it can suit your pet within limits.
    • The 2-wheel wheelchair is only for the pet hind leg disability you can raise its hind leg, if it can walk use its forelegs our wheelchair will help it walk

    Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

  • Foldable Disabled Dogs wheelchairs

    • Foldable disabled dogs wheelchairs can help pet activities without affecting pets going to the toilet
    • Dog wheelchair is very flexible, with a harness that can be pulled out separately, and groove design protects male dog genitalia
    • Pet Walker is made of aviation aluminum material, anti-oxidation, safe and non-toxic
    • Pet carrier wheels are stable and comfortable, the fabric is soft and breathable, and the pet can adapt quickly
    • Pets will be troubled by inconvenient movement in life. Long-term inability to exercise will affect the pet and reduce his confidence. Our PET WHEELCHAIR is designed to help pets with INJURED OR DISABLED HIND LEGS to walk, run and play freely, helping them return to normal life.
  • Pet Paralyzed Rear Limbs Disabled Dog Wheelchair

    • Adjustable Wheelchair: Rear Limbs Disabled Dog Wheelchair provides the fully adjustable seat belt along with the best comfort and mobility; the height, length, and width of the wheelchair are adjustable.
    • The lightweight adjustable aluminum frame features rust-free.
    • Front and rear seat belts ensure complete comfort. Please note that most pets require 1-2 weeks to adapt to the new wheelchair.
    • Pet Paralyzed Wheelchair is made of sandwich mesh material, the wheelchair is soft, fluffy, breathable.
    • Pets can use a trolley to assist walking or fully support the Rear legs without having to support the Rear legs. Your pet should have the normal front leg strength to use this dog wheelchair.
    • Body width 12-20CM /Body length 25-40 /Body height 19-30,Refer to bust 24-40, suitable for pets weighing 4-9KG.
  • Two-wheel Adjustable Dog Cat Wheelchair

    • Pets will be annoyed by the inconvenience of life. Long-term inability to exercise will affect their reduce their self-confidence. Our pet wheelchair is designed to help pets with leg diseases walk, run and play freely, helping them to return to normal life.
    • The height, width, and length of this Pet Wheelchair can be adjusted, and it can adapt to your pet within a certain range.
    • Dog Wheelchair has high hardness and lightweight, which can ensure the overall strength of the wheelchair, and the strap material is soft and will not hurt pets
    • Two-wheel Adjustable Wheelchairs are only suitable for pets with disabled hind legs but normal front legs. If your dog is seriously injured, we recommend that you go to the veterinary hospital for help as soon as possible.
    • Please measure your dog before buying. Pets are one of our family members. If they are Disability, please don’t give up.

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