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Elastic Cords Dog Toy

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My dogs are having so much fun with this toy! Their anxiety is completely gone and they’ve stopped chewing up my furniture. The suction cup is really strong and sticks hard to my tile floor, while the ball has this great texture that keeps teeth clean. It’s the best dog toy I have ever bought, by far! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Katie J.

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home from work to find that your beloved family dog has chewed up your belongings while suffering from separation anxiety or boredom. While stuffed toys are calming, they can’t withstand chewing. Leaving a bored dog alone at home is inviting the destruction of expensive furniture or priceless family heirlooms.

However, with the BITEBALL Elastic Cord Dog Toy, bored, anxious pets are a thing of the past! This dog toy has a strong suction cup at one end so it can be secured as dogs interact with it. Simply stick to a solid surface and let dogs play.

Reason Why Your Dog Will Love This Chew Toy

The BITEBALL can prevent boredom and relieve separation anxiety by keeping dogs interested and occupied for hours.


The BITEBALL Elastic Cord Dog Toy can withstand the pulling and biting of dogs up to 140 pounds.


This sturdy chew toy can be used by teething puppies to keep furniture safe from chewing!


The unique texture of the ball cleans canine teeth as a dog chews on it, helping to reduce dental decay.


The Suction cup at the top of the BITEBALL Dog Toy will stick to walls, floors, doors, and counters easily.

As pet owners, we know the exasperation of leaving the family dog home alone all day. Coming home to destroyed furniture and an anxious pet can ruin anyone’s mood. Plus, giving pets toys that keep their teeth clean can also protect their health–80% of dogs show signs of dental decay by age 3!

But with the BITEBALL Elastic Cord Dog Toy, chewed-up belongings and tooth decay are a thing of the past. Your beloved pooch will spend hours playing with this unique chew toy while it’s firmly attached to a wall or door, and your furniture will stay safe from teething puppies. You’ll come home every day knowing your pup is safe and happy to see you!

Our Guarantee

You’re covered with a 30-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee. But just in case you’re not totally stoked, We’ll courteously refund your money if you’re not totally happy with your purchase. We promise.


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Elastic Cords Dog Toy

Elastic Cords Dog Toy

$24.95$39.95 (-38%)

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