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Foldable Disabled Dogs wheelchairs


  • Foldable disabled dogs wheelchairs can help pet activities without affecting pets going to the toilet
  • Dog wheelchair is very flexible, with a harness that can be pulled out separately, and groove design protects male dog genitalia
  • Pet Walker is made of aviation aluminum material, anti-oxidation, safe and non-toxic
  • Pet carrier wheels are stable and comfortable, the fabric is soft and breathable, and the pet can adapt quickly
  • Pets will be troubled by inconvenient movement in life. Long-term inability to exercise will affect the pet and reduce his confidence. Our PET WHEELCHAIR is designed to help pets with INJURED OR DISABLED HIND LEGS to walk, run and play freely, helping them return to normal life.
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  • Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

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Measure Your Dog Before Buying a Dog Wheelchair

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* Adjustable wheels are light, adjustable in length, width, and height, foldable for easy carrying and storage, easy to operate

* Pet wheelchairs use EVA shock-absorbing materials for any road condition

* wheeled pet carrier does not affect pets and any activities

* Soft and breathable belt + adjustable buckle to protect pets and is very comfortable

* Groove design protects male dog genitalia

Note: Two-wheel FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS are only suitable for pets with disabled hind legs but normal front legs. If your dog is seriously injured, we recommend that you go to the veterinary hospital for help as soon as possible. I wish your pet a speedy recovery!

Friendly Tips: Please measure your dog before buying. Pets are one of our family members. If they are disabled, please don’t give up. A WHEELCHAIR may give them a second life. I wish your pet a speedy recovery!

Which Conditions Does Homnilife’ Wheels Help?

  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Spinal Trauma
  • IVDD
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Old Age
  • Rear Amputees
  • Post Surgical Rehab for Disc, Knee, and Hip Surgery

We encourage our clients to reach out to us via email:, phone: 1 4844292528, or the chat below with any questions or concerns.


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Foldable Disabled Dogs wheelchairs

Foldable Disabled Dogs wheelchairs


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