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Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs


  • Pets are our families, when they are handicapped don not give them up, one wheelchair for dog rear legs will give them a second life.
  • The Pet wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind legs so that they can walk and run even as normal young fellows do.
  • The use of dog cart for back legs is a user-friendly design, as far as possible in detail to avoid friction with pets, causing two injuries.
  • Our dog wheelchair for back legs is so light that your pet will walk easily with it.
  • The height\width and length of the pet wheelchair all can be adjustable, it can suit your pet within limits.
  • The 2-wheel wheelchair is only for the pet hind leg disability you can raise its hind leg, if it can walk use its forelegs our wheelchair will help it walk
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How do I install wheels for dogs with bad legs?

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Which Conditions Does Homnilife’ Wheels Help?

  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Spinal Trauma
  • IVDD
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Old Age
  • Rear Amputees
  • Post Surgical Rehab for Disc, Knee, and Hip Surgery

We encourage our clients to reach out to us via email:, phone: 1 4844292528, or the chat below with any questions or concerns.

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    Celia (store manager)

    works awesome! could be a little more sturdy, but my Akita is 110lbs and she gets a little excited at times and rolls her cart over. I would suggest once you figure out the adjustment to use lock-tight in fasteners. I constantly re-tighten wheel bolts hand tight every use. would highly recommend this item! my dog has spinal myopathy and can no longer use her back legs. she loves her “chariot”. she all smiles when I get her harness out and loves to go on her daily walks!

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    Eileen Hopkins

    This cart has given our dog a new lease on life! Her hind legs do not work due to a neurological problem. She really has been struggling to move around. We strapped her into the cart and she was so happy to be able to stand on all fours and run! The instructions could be better illustrated. Hard to figure out how to strap her in. After a couple times we finally got it. We are hopeful that this cart will allow her to have a better quality of life .

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  3. 12


    Simple simple setup, quality material, aesthetically made, and very easy for my dog to walk. She can get outside and “go” with no help! She can stand at her bowl and eat & drink! She can turn & navigate very easy. Our dog is also quite afraid of things and she loves this! Our 49lb boxer just fits in this size, but with all the additional accessories to make the cart bigger that come with each cart we probably could have gone down in size. She still uses her back legs a little, so we used medical tape to protect the tops of her paws when she drags them – but she’s able to use her back legs now which she couldn’t in the harness. When she loses mobility, the cart comes with a harness to hold her legs up. Highly recommend- we have our puppy back!

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  4. 12

    Lisa Q.

    My Pekingese loves his wheels! I highly recommend the harness as well. He wouldn’t use the wheelchair until I got the harness, it was a lot more comfortable for him.

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  5. 12

    Tracy V.

    When looking for a way to get our little man back up and running around, this dog wheelchair was easy to assemble, and sturdy to give our little man the ability to walk once again. He is so happy having that he can now walk and even run on his own.

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  6. 12

    Mark C

    I’m the human companion of Emmy, a 12-year-old border collie / Australian shepherd mix. About a year ago, Emmy started having difficulty getting around, and by the time she hit her 12th birthday, she had completely lost the use of her rear legs. I get her around the house, let her out, etc. with the help of a harness / sling, but we both really missed our daily walks. After substantial research, I settled on the Walkin’ Pets wheelchair. It was very easy to assemble, and with a little practice, I figured out how to easily get Emmy in and out of it by myself (we live alone – no other humans to help us!). It has taken a lot of patience and encouragement, because Emmy was quite terrified of it at first, but gradually she has learned to use it without resistance. I am optimistic she will be able to go on long walks again in the near future. (Treats help a LOT.) It’s a lot like potty-training her when she was a puppy; I use a positive-reinforcement-only approach, and I let her tell me when she’s had enough. I’m so glad I made this investment for Emmy, and I know it will make her remaining years better as a result. Highly recommended.

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  7. 12


    I already had three awesome dogs, when Mister Apot, the most amazing pit bull ever, came into my life. He was all of 6 months old, but had no use of his hind legs. We were told he was paraplegic. Oddly enough for a “paraplegic” dog, he could wag his tail with the best of them! He is over a year old now, and having this wheelchair has changed his life. He is in the process of going through surgeries and physiotherapy in the hope that we can restore his ability to walk, but in the meantime, he is able to run around like a madman, outdistancing his labrador and wheaten brothers and sisters! He is able to negotiate walks in the forest, romps through deep snow, and he has figured out how to back up, go around corners and even lie down in his dog bed, whilst in the wheelchair. He no longer injures his knees, and thighs, tummy and delicate bits, which are safe and comfortably supported. Just remember to devote some time.

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  8. 12

    Jerry Pine

    I was searching for a wheelchair for my cat with hind leg paralyzed that was both supportive to her spine and affordable. Most available did not have any mid support for the spine until I found this one. The quality and total spine support is amazing as it has front leg support, back leg support harnesses and additionally a mid spine sling which makes all the difference and is lacking in most chairs on the market currently at this price range. The customer service is excellent and I’d highly recommend the product. Couldn’t be happier! Has given my cat new life and added mobility and rehab. The price for this type of quality chair has been an amazing blessing for us. Thank you to the seller and maker!

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  9. 12


    This has literally changed my French Bulldogs life so much. She moves around easily and very quickly, I’m struggling to keep up with her already and she’s only used it 3 times. It’s easy to put together and easy to use. I watch d YouTube video a few times to make sure I was doing it correctly.
    I’m still unsure if it’s fitted to her exactly the correct way so haven’t yet tightened it, but that will take a few more trial runs.
    So worth buying, as it’s been a life changer for Ruby, me and our family.

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  10. 12


    I was so worried about whether it would fit my cat before buying it, but this is really a good fit, it takes time for my cat to get used to this wheelchair, I will slowly help her stand up.

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