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Why save stray cats and dogs? This may be the best answer!

Why save stray cats and dogs? This may be the best answer!


Every time we share the rescue story, some people praise it, some people are moved, and many people don’t understand it. Do they feel that what is the significance of saving stray cats and dogs through countless hardships and painstaking efforts?

I believe many friends have seen the video of the world for all, an Indian public welfare organization, describing the world from the perspective of stray dogs.

Why do we keep helping stray cats and dogs?

Why do we keep helping stray dogs instead of helping poor children in the mountains?

This problem actually bothered us for a long time, but it wasn’t until a pet lover who protected stray cats and dogs one sentence gives us some inspiration.

He said: love does not need to be divided into people and animals. To help children in poor mountain areas, there are many official organizations besides the government, while there are only a few non-governmental organizations that protect stray dogs.

Our abilities are all limited, but we are actually very small individuals.

We just like pets because of hobbies, and the sense of responsibility that arises from liking them drives us to do something for this vulnerable group.

To do such a thing, even if you lose everything, you can only save a small number of stray dogs, and you won’t be thanked, and no news media will know about it. I just want them to be safe.

We are just for peace of mind, we are all ordinary people, often say is how much ability to do how big things, constantly some people quit.

Some friends who have been volunteers for two or three years left a message in the group: I’m sorry, I’m so tired.

And then I quit, and we were all silent.

Yes, as a volunteer, I will often be called up by a phone call in the middle of the night to drive out to help the dog. I basically have no free time outside of work, which is very bitter, tired, and dangerous.

Is there any difference between helping people and animals? Is there any difference between donating 10,000 yuan and donating 100 yuan?

Friends, in our eyes, are all the same, there is no distinction between high and low, kind-hearted, all living beings are equal.

For those friends who work hard together, we spend our most precious time doing something that is not understood by everyone. We all work hard together, work together and support great love together!

Please support adoption instead of purchase! Call for civilized dog breeding!


Rescuing stray animals is not a great love! We care about every life…

Saving stray animals is not an interesting thing.

First of all, have a strong heart.

Secondly, you should be very experienced and be able to understand their situation and hear their calls.

Finally, be mentally prepared.

A good thought, a helping hand, a mouthful of food and water, for this life, all care about.

Please care for an insignificant life for once.



Pets can not speak themselves and have no ability to protect themselves, so humans need to protect them, respect them, and let them live “a little better, a little better”.

When pet lovers were asked “why will choose to rescue stray animals such a thing may not get the corresponding return”, she said: ” cats and dogs live a lot shorter time than us, for pets, we are their life, so we must use them, protect them, this does not need to return!

From a social point of view, rescuing stray cats and dogs is also essentially rescuing humans themselves!”

Help the stray cats and dogs, and give them a warm and loving home!


Never give up on rescuing them

Some people don’t understand why we rescue stray dogs, we don’t understand why they don’t.

Wandering is not their fault, if people do something wrong, people have a choice, and they do not. Abandoned, there is no home, searching, just to survive life. Now it is so hard to want to survive.

Please have all your owners protect your dogs from discarding and selling them easily. Please do not leave this innocent life to be doomed forever. They are very loyal and deserve to be treated like their family.

We should loudly call for relevant departments to eradicate the black industry chain of stealing cats and dogs and control the number of stray dogs by sterilization, instead of killing stray dogs.

Relevant departments can cooperate with private relief agencies to use the annual fees paid by dog owners as the humanized management of stray cats and dogs.

We know that this is a long way to justice, but we walk forward and never give up hope!

Be kind to every life around you,

Please help the stray cats and dogs who are homeless;

Such power is as great as rescuing children in poor mountainous areas,

We are all doing good faith, and no one is doing better faith.

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