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  • 3 IN 1 Multi Functional Pet Carrier Backpack

    • 3 in 1 functional pet product, can use as pet shoulder backpack, pet carrier, or pet harness with leash set
    • The bottom of this carrier can be folded easily with a buckle when your pet needs to do his/her business.
    • The shoulder pad with a strap can also be used as a walking dog leash when we are walking with our dog
    • The chest is adjustable, the leash is removable with hooks
    • The dog harness carrier for outdoor walking, hunting, climbing, etc.
    • 2 Sizes fitting for small dogs or puppies only.
  • Adjustable Pet Wheelchair with four Wheels

    • Designed for Animal: The pet wheelchair helps pets with foreleg/hind leg injuries or disabled/paralyzed pets to walk.
    • Our pet wheelchair is lightweight and your pet will walk easily with it, providing maximum and optimal comfort mobility with this wheelchair.
    • Our wheelchair is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, firm, lightweight, durable, and long service life.
    • With an instruction manual and installation tools, so you can install it by yourself easily. Removable structure for convenience to carry and store.
    • If you need to customize a wheelchair for your pet, please feel free to contact me! We have a professional team that will provide you and your pet with the perfect service!
  • Adjustable Transparent Pet Umbrella for Rain Snow Protection

    • Size : Adjustable dog umbrella handle length 20.9-23.8”(52-60.4cm) ; opening dog umbrella diameter 28.3”(71.8cm) ; Built-in pet umbrella leash 12.2”(31cm).
    • Adjustable length pet umbrella handle, flexible angle handle.
    • Upgrade C-shape handle and overturn-180° shaft. C-shape can improve comfort when gripping the umbrella handle.
    • When walking the puppy dog outdoors, you can protect your pets from wind, rain, snow, and storm with the uniquely designed umbrella specially made for your pets.
  • All-Inclusive Winter Warm Clothes Dog Clothes

    • The clothes are made of polar fleece fabric, which is skin-friendly and warm. Even in the cold winter, it can bring very warm care to the pet.
    • Resist cold air currents and prevent cold air from penetrating into the clothes.
    • Wrap the dog’s limbs to prevent it from getting cold and frostbite outside.
    • The high collar waist is equipped with an adjustment buckle, which can be adjusted according to the dog’s body shape.
    • It is convenient for the dog to wear, stabilize the dog’s body and prevent it from falling off.
    • The open-gate excretion design allows the dog to wear and excrete without any influence.
  • Automatic Ball Launcher Pet Ball 6pcs

    • Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Mini Style
    • 3 Tennis Balls Included
    • Launch Distance 10ft 20ft 30ft
  • Back Cover Traction Rope for Pets

    • If your pet has recently experienced an injury or unexpected health condition, they need specialized support.
    • This dog harness is specially designed for medium and small dogs which gets strong strength.
    • These products are particularly useful for dogs facing elbow dysplasia, arthritis, or general declines in health.
    • Helps your dog or pet enjoy life to the fullest despite any obstacles in their way.
  • Cat and Dog Portable backpack EVA Bag Transparent Space Bag

    • Breathable on all sides, Playable and watchable
    • Porous and breathable, high permeability window.
    • New EVA pressing design, grid anti-scratch, and bite-proof.
    • Multifunctional vent design pet carrier
    • Flexible and comfortable back cushion
    • Large space without deformation
  • Cat Self Grooming Brush

    With its bionic design and easy installation,
    Walfinds’s Cat Self Grooming Brush will ensure a comfortable massage for your cat!

  • Cat Toy-Intelligent Sensor Snake

    Induction mode
    Place your hand in front of the toy snake and the snake will begin to slide forward. This snake toy has blinking eyes and automatically avoids “stuck” situations when it encounters obstacles. This snake toy can flick its tongue and wiggle its tail.

  • Comfortable Dog Cat Carrier Backpack for Hiking Outdoor Travel

    • The mouth of the front dog carrier pack with a drawstring design, easy to open.
    • It also can adjust the width according to different size pets to make sure not too tight.
    • The flat bottom is detachable and can be supported on the base, making more easy and comfortable to carry dogs or cats.
    • Two Ways of Wearing: A dog carrier backpack can be worn on your front or backside if you like, the thickened sponge pad helps to relieve the burden of your shoulder.
    • With our front puppy pack, make you hand-free to take your four-legged friend go to the grocery stores, pet vet, subway, mall, perfect for daily walk and weekend adventure.
    • Size: S(26*12*36)/ M(28*15*42)
  • Dog Front Leg Braces with Supporting Sleeve

    • Thigh circumference 8.75-11″, leg circumference 6.75-9″, length for the leg 6.25″, the overall height of 16″
    • Dog front leg brace elbow bandage is the ideal solution for surgery, ligament Injuries, and chronic arthritis.
    • Comfortable, stress-reducing alternative to the traditional cone.
    • Around-the-chest closure adds some pressure to the chest, which helps to reduce stress levels.
    • Remove brace every 2-3 hours and at night to allow the leg to “breathe”.
  • Dog Hind Legs Protector, Reduces Pain and Inflammation

    • which has the characteristics of soft, elastic, shockproof, thermal insulation, elasticity, Better adapt to the dog’s legs without affecting the dog’s ability to move.
    • We took all the details into consideration, effectively preventing it from sliding down and bruising your dog’s skin, easy to wear, easy to clean.
    • For wrapping the legs to cover the wound. Simply wrap the wound with our dog’s hind legs protector to prevent licking and chewing.
    • Helps dogs with loss of stability caused by Arthritis, provides support and stabilization during the injury.
    • Take care to remove the guard 2-3 times a day and let the legs breathe.

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